Moving From The OEM

Generally, when our customer looks to us to help them in moving from the OEM, we like to go through a series of steps to ensure our customer gets as good, or even better product than what they are currently receiving.

If there are no drawings or material specs, typically we: 

  • Go on site and see the part in situ
  • Discuss any issues the customer is having with the part
  • Take photos – if required
  • Send our own draughtsman on-site – if required
  • Receive a sample of the part
  • Conduct material analysis and hardness tests in our labs
  • Produce a drawing
  • Discuss with the customer any possible improvements with our metallurgists and engineers
  • Get the customer to sign off on the new drawing – including any changes
  • Manufacture tooling such as new patterns, jigs, fixtures. etc
  • Produce a prototype(s) 
  • If approved then produce the goods.
  • Provide material & hardness certification and any other relevant quality control documents required with the delivery of the new part.

Generally this is done at our expense as a service to our customer.


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