Ceramic Lined Bends

Many of our customers are moving away from bends manufactured in the more traditional cast materials used in certain applications like Ni-Hard to the lighter and longer wearing benefits of using ceramics as a liner for their fabricated pipes and bends.







Conveyor Drive Pulley

Ceramic Lined Conveyor Pulleys give a much higher performance and longer life.








Ceramic Wear Plates

Ceramic Wear Plates offer the advantages of:


  •   Extended Wear Rates
  •   Zero porosity
  •   Lightweight to handle
  •   Noise reduction
  •   Any size or design available on request.







Rubber Backed Ceramics

Rubber backed ceramic liners can perform better in high impact / abrasion. applications to

absorb impact while also offering excellent

sliding abrasion resistance.

The rubber backing can also assists in reducing noise levels within the plant and is engineered to resist the size and type of impact in each individual application.

These mats are easily installed by means of bonding directly to steelwork.


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